What better way to spend  the day than wandering around and exploring.  I have been glued to  my computer editing photos so much lately that I thought I might start going cross eyed. With that said it was time for a well deserved outing. What better place than in our own backyard...Waikiki, so off Litton and I went on a mini vacation and played tourists for the day.   Besides sitting by the beach for the day and trying to get a little color, we made it a point to snap some shots along the way and do a little exploring.  Who knew there were so many cool things to photograph just a short walk away from our own home?  By far the best find of the day had to be the giant wave we stumbled upon in the heart of Waikiki. There was no one was around so we just played around taking ridiculous photos of each other. It was great getting out of my "cave" for the day. We have to do this again, I hope you enjoy all of the new pictures! 


Stephen-Ludwig-Photography---Viva-Waikiki---Hawaii-Fine-Art-Photography part 1

Stephen-Ludwig-Photography---Viva-Waikiki---Hawaii-Fine-Art-Photography part 2