Chris and Kristi were such a pleasure to photograph. They both love playing basketball and wanted to somehow incorporate it into their engagement shoot since it was something they enjoyed so much together. I had never attempeted a basketball engagement shoot before but I though it was a great idea and was really excited to give it a go. We managed to find and empty court right in Waikiki which believe it or not is not always the easiest feat and started snapping away. It was a blast and the photos turned out great. Afterwards we took a few shots at a near by playground, we were hoping to take some photos on the swings but little kids were playing on them and nobody likes a playground bully so we let the kiddos have their fun and moved on to the beach for some sunset shots. Sadly the swings will just have to wait for another day. All in all it was a fun shoot, thanks Chris and Kristi for such a great day! Stephen Ludwig Photography     -      Hawaii Wedding Photographer