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Alex & Janelle - JW Marriott Resort Oahu, Hawaii - 50th State Fair

Well I did it again. I said I wouldn't re-post an old wedding for a while but looking back at Alex and Janelle's crazy cool wedding I realized that I was so excited to put the photos up that I only put up a small handful of the shots that we had taken. It seemed like a shame for everybody to miss out on all these great wedding ideas that they thought up to make one of the most memorable weddings I have been to in quite some time. Check out the amazing turtle wedding cake by Cake Lava and the O so delicious and very photogenic food presented by Ginni Berries Catering.  They even had a pinata to top things off. Weird thing, I had just been talking to Litton earlier that week about how funny it would be to have a pinata at our wedding in May and the next wedding we go to there one is......weird. The whole event was pulled together by Weddings by Grace and Mona. A little later in the week we took a trip down to Hawaii 50th State Fair, we played some games, took some rather vibrant photos, and had a blast. I even won a stuffed monkey, it was a good day. Stephen Ludwig - Hawaii Wedding Photographer












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Zeina & Shawn - engagement shoot - October 3, 2009

We just shot this earlier today. We had so much fun and were so excited about the photos we just had to post them right away.  Zeina and Shawn were an awesome pair to photograph and to spend our Saturday with. They were so nice! We ended up wandering around and just had fun. I think by the end of the day I was the butt of the joke though, it seemed every time we wanted to take a short drive to another location I couldn't find my keys, and then when I did find them they would be in some obvious place like in my pocket, what a suprise. Shawn and Zeina came prepared, check out Shawn's spiffy bow tie and golf shoes, we thought they were quite stylish.  Thanks, you both were awesome! Stephen Ludwig

Hawaii Wedding Photographer



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Noah & Tess - Engagement Shoot

I met Noah and Tess while we were both working  a wedding expo not too long ago. They are one of the friendliest pairs you will ever meet.    Not only are they great models and very coordinated,  Noah did a hand stand on a pier without falling into the water. Now that takes talent!  They are also both amazing wedding photographers, you have to check out their site at  Keep a watch out for their wedding post coming soon! Hawaii Wedding Photographer - Stephen Ludwignoah-and-tess-half-size-1