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Noah & Tess - Waimanalo Beach Estate

Well here it is finally, I have been planning on putting this one up for quite some time. Noah and Tess, what can I say? They are such a great couple and such a joy to be around and work with. The wedding was great! The celebration was held at a beach front estate in charming Waimanalo. As you can see in the pictures they had a green themed wedding with plenty of delicious vegetarian food for everyone to eat, and best of all pie! I love pumpkin pie, on my deliciousness scale it earns a 9.5  only second to my all time favorite and reigning king of deliciousness Rhubarb Pie.  So you can imagine my excitement when I saw their pie table for the official "Pie Cutting". My other favorite was the painted wedding horse you have to check it out, it is one of a kind. Thanks again Noah and Tess for having us be a part of you wedding day, Litton and I had a wonderful time! Hawaii Wedding Photographer - Stephen Ludwig










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Dan & Rita Turtle Bay Resort August 1 2009

I try not to repost weddings as much as possible but I had a bunch of photos I wanted to include from this wedding that weren't in the first post  so I had to do a little updating . With that said here it is again with the new additions. I have a bunch of new weddings I am planning on posting in the next week or so. This weddings so much fun! Dan and Rita were so easy going and great to work with. They had a beautiful ceremony at the  Turtle Bay Resort pavilion followed by a great dancing entrance that started their reception off on the right foot. The whole night everybody was dancing. It was so much fun! Here are some shots from the wedding day. I will be posting more photos of them again shortly. I hope you enjoy!





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