Well I did it again. I said I wouldn't re-post an old wedding for a while but looking back at Alex and Janelle's crazy cool wedding I realized that I was so excited to put the photos up that I only put up a small handful of the shots that we had taken. It seemed like a shame for everybody to miss out on all these great wedding ideas that they thought up to make one of the most memorable weddings I have been to in quite some time. Check out the amazing turtle wedding cake by Cake Lava and the O so delicious and very photogenic food presented by Ginni Berries Catering.  They even had a pinata to top things off. Weird thing, I had just been talking to Litton earlier that week about how funny it would be to have a pinata at our wedding in May and the next wedding we go to there one is......weird. The whole event was pulled together by Weddings by Grace and Mona. A little later in the week we took a trip down to Hawaii 50th State Fair, we played some games, took some rather vibrant photos, and had a blast. I even won a stuffed monkey, it was a good day. Stephen Ludwig - Hawaii Wedding Photographer